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The Daily Mirror news app dives deeper into breaking news and daily stories on world news, celebrity gossip, football and sports. Local news teams bring you top analysis on the issues of the day, giving you everything you need to make an informed decision.The Mirror is the best way to follow breaking news, including blogs and live news video, and is tailored with a raft of state of the art features. Follow your favourite celebrity or football team to keep informed on the latest stories, all from the comfort of your news app.
The Daily Mirror Features:
Local News• Local news keeps you updated on events happening in regions as far as Birmingham, Reading, Liverpool and more.• UK politics, showbiz, TV and more, all in one app.
World News• World news keeps you connected with the rest of the planet.• World TV, politics, sports and other global events – Stay connected with the best.
Sports News & Football News• Football news keeps you up-to-date with your favourite sports teams and players.• Local sports news gives you the latest on cricket, horse racing, rugby and Formula One.
TV News & Celebrity News• Celebrity news and other gossip on the world’s biggest stars.• TV guide and world TV news keep you up to date with the latest in media news.• TV news from the TV guide include film reviews and other gossip.
Weird News & Technology• Weird news updates your feed with bizarre and insane events happening locally.• Keep yourself up to date with the latest in technology and real life media.
Money Saving Tips • Money saving tips and opportunities along with updates in the global marketplace.
Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest in world news, football news and celebrity news with The Daily Mirror app.
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